What Does it Mean to Visualize Care?

A panel with multiple scholars, activists, and practitioners and two graphic designers (Anne Dubos and A Visual) wonder what does it mean to visualize care?

Popular Economies

What alternative care strategies are emerging in popular economies? Here a graphic recording on the global panel economias populars

Transfeminist Strikes

Since 2016 transfeminist strikes spread out around the globe. Born as tools against gender violence they gained a momentum as coalitional and intersectional practices for reclaiming new forms of here. Here a graphic recording of the panel

Universal Basic Income & Post-Work

Past, present, and future of post-work approaches. Is the basic income a tool for imagining a post-work society? Here a graphic recording of the panel

Students Doc Festival

In Fall 2021 undergraduate students at Duke in the class of “Women At Work” and “Women and the Political Process” had the option to produce a short documentary video, instead of writing the paper. Here is the graphic recording of a few documentaries presented

Aesthetics and Politics: Technologies of Care

How do we visualize care from below and above? How technology can help us in visualizing and connecting?

Digital Care and the Human Body

How algorithms trap the body? This panel explored the opacity of care, its ambivalences and the potentiality of new struggles. Here the graphic recording

Alternative Approaches to Economics and Labor

This panel aimed to analyze what alternative approaches to economics and labor would entail. From reconceptualizing work to re-counting its value. Here the graphic recording

Terms That Serve Us

Virtual care lab is organized by Sara Suárez and Alice Yuan Zhang in partnership with NAVEL, a non-profit cultural organization and community space in Los Angeles

Queer Care

Imagining care beyond heteronormative and nuclear household. What is trans care? Graphic recording of the panel on Queer Care during 2022 “Visualizing Care. Imaginaries & Infrastructures” conference

Politics of Care

What democracy can be? What is a radical politics? Graphic recording by A Visual Approach on the politics of care

Epistemologies of Care

Care and love are fundamental to communal life. Thinking about decolonize mourning. Graphic recording of a panel on epistemologies of care