gender inequality and care

Gender Economics and the Meaning of Discrimination

Shelly Lundberg gave a terrific paper at the session on Identity, Culture, and the Economics of Gender at the Allied Social Science Association Meetings, January 8, 2022, and this is a distillation of my comments on it as discussant.

Manifold Exploitations

A more general theory of exploitation highlights the multiple dimensions of institutional power that make it possible for members of some overlapping groups to capture an unfair share of gains from cooperation, leaving others especially vulnerable.

The Covid-19 Care Penalty

The abrupt creation of a new category of workers based on social need, rather than market forces, dramatized an important question: why do we often see a disjuncture between the social value of work and its private, pecuniary reward?

Daedalus and the Patriarchal Labyrinth

The Winter 2020 issue of Daedalus on “Women and Equality”

Up on Down Girl

On Kate Manne’s book, “Down Girl”.

Pinko Economics

Globally, most center-right parties are labeled blue, but in the U.S. today, Republicans are red, and Democrats are blue. Why? Because the major television networks decided around 2000 to standardize their visuals that way on election night.

Revaluation not Devaluation

I invoke a billionaire investor to call your attention to a particularly important divergence between value and price–the low wages of care.

How to Make Nice

I had every reason to obey this sign, posted in the cafe where I sought refuge while my car underwent safety-recall repairs. I did not want to go away.

The Walls of 2019

A brief reflection for Martin Luther King day.

Professional Climate Change

Things have been heating up, gender-wise, in the economics profession.

Care Work, Animated

Invited by Professor Smita Ramnarain, once a student of mine here at UMass, I agreed to participate in an Honors Colloquium at the University of Rhode Island last October.

The Carebot Conundrum

I am so much in favor of good care technology, but the risk of bad technology seems to be growing.