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Revaluing Care in the Global Economies Activities

"I work a lot with scraps of the archive. I work a lot with unknown persons, nameless figures, ensembles, collectives, multitudes, the chorus. That’s where my imagination of practice resides. That’s where my heart resides."

Saidiya Hartman, On Working with Archives 

We learn from the histories of past social movements and historians the importance of building an archive. An archive with all its limits allows the transmission of events and knowledge across time. With the action of collectively self-archiving the history and the timeline of Revaluing Care in the Global Economy, we enhance the transmission of knowledge and practices that scholars, students, artists, and activists slowly created around care economies. We emphasize the common work produced around the world, showing the connections between research and actions from the Global South and the Global North. This work is both a way of contesting care for how currently is distributed and reimagining new ways of revaluing and re-centering it in politics, economy, and society.