Working Papers Series 2021-2022

Tania Rispoli
14 December 2022

First experiment of sharing research. One or two presenters share original unpublished papers beforehand and two specialized commenters offer insights and reflections. Working papers series are open to the general public upon signing up

Work in Progress Seminar with Anju Mary Paul

May, 6, 2022, 9-11AM ET

Please join the Revaluing Care in the Global Economy for a work-in-progress seminar with Anju Mary Paul, the lead author of the paper, “The Policy Impact of Women’s Political Voice:  A Comparison of 26 Countries’ Care Policies.”  Professor Paul, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Yale-NUS College, has over the past several years developed the Global Care Policy Index to gauge how well countries uphold policies supporting paid and unpaid carework.  Her paper for this seminar, coauthored with Jiang Haolie (Yale-NUS) and Cynthia Chen (National University of Singapore) examines whether women’s political representation affects policies supporting caregiving.  Richard Itaman (Jesus College, Cambridge) and Joya Misra (UMass Amherst) will lead off commentary and discussion of this interesting paper.  This is a virtual event, since Prof. Paul is participating from Singapore.  You will receive a copy of the paper once you have registered. 

Huritanga: Towards Socio-Ecological Wellbeing-Led Urban Systems in an Era of Emergency

November 16th at 3PM ET; 9PM ECT; November 17th at 9AM NZST

In a collaboration of Māori and Pākehā researchers, the National Science Challenge funded project Huritangainvestigates wellbeing economies grounded in Indigenous frameworks in Aotearoa/New Zealand. In this project, Amanda Yates, Kelly Dombroski, and Rita Dionisio seek to advance mauri ora as the basis of normative planning practice by utilizing (soft) infrastructures of care that can encourage change grounded in the land. Please join us for a Zoom panel on this exciting project with the authors as well as respondents Neera Singh and Wendy Harcourt.

Email riikka.prattes(at) to receive the pre-circulated paper by Amanda Yates, Kelly Dombroski, and Rita Dionisio.

Organized by Riikka Prattes, Amanda Yates, Kelly Dombroski, and Rita Dionisio.

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