Caring Masculinities September 15, 2023, 12-2 PM ET

25 August 2023

First Working Papers Seminar Series 2023-2024 Communities of Care featuring Tracie Canada and Antonia Randolph, with commentaries by J. Malton and M. Wallace

Migrant Domestic Workers October 27, 2023 12-2pm ET

24 August 2023

Second Working Papers Seminar Series 2023-2024 Communities of Care featuring Valerie Francisco-Menchavez and Grazielle Valentim, with commentaries by Anju Mary Paul and Pallavi Banerjee

Carcerality & Care. November 17, 2023 12-2pm ET

23 August 2023

Third Working Papers Seminar Series 2023-2024 Communities of Care featuring Joseph Hiller and Katie Von Wald. Commentaries by Micol Seigel & Marisol Lebrón.

Queering Care December 1, 2023 10am-12pm ET

22 August 2023

Fourth Working Papers Seminar Series 2023-2024 Queering Care featuring Nora Kassner, Tankut and Edward Nadurata. Commentaries by Pedro Augusto Gravatá Nicoli and Anjali Arondekar

Alternative Care Networks January 26, 2024, 12-2 pm ET

22 August 2023

Fifth Working Papers Seminar Series 2023-2024 Alternative Care Networks featuring Jieun Cho, Elizabeth Olson and Leiha Edmonds. Commentaries by Tatjana Thelen and Kim England

Race, Health & Disability February 23, 2024 12-2 pm ET

21 August 2023

Sixth Working Papers Seminar Series 2023-2024 Race, Health & Disability featuring Jasper Conner and André Marega Pinhel. Commentaries by Mairead Sullivan and LaTonya Trotter


Visualizing Care Series 2022-2021

14 December 2022

Making care more visible and defamiliarizing the naturalized representations of care. Cycle of Workshops funded by Duke Humanities Unbounded from Spring 2021 to Spring 2022

Care Workshops 2020-2021

14 December 2022

Between 2020 and 2021, we organized a series of public online conversations focused on care. Topics varied and we examined issues such as post-work, queer kinships, vaccine hesitancy, global labor standards

Value of Love

13 March 2023

Value of LoveRevaluing Care in the Global Economy first event Workshop at Duke University, April 4 and 5, 2019Workshop Schedule Thursday, April 4 8:30-9:00:  breakfast 9:00-9:15:  Welcoming remarks by Dean Rachel Kranton & Jocelyn Olcott 9:15-10:00:  Introductions (all present, including students, etc.; name, discipline/field, interests) 10-12:  short presentations by invited participants (20 people; each participant […]


Visualizing Care  Imaginaries & Infrastructures 2022

14 December 2022

Transnational Conference on May 12, 13, 14, 2022 on QiQoChat

Contesting Care Conference 2021

14 December 2022

Conference organized by Duke University & University of Exeter on June 30 and July 1 2021

Epistemologies of Care

13 March 2023

Epistemologies of CareRethinking Global Political Economy Conference at the Amsterdam Law School, 4-6 December, 2019Programme 4 December 2019 14.30-15.00 Registration  15.00-15.15  Opening Remarks                      Marija Bartl, Amsterdam Law School                      Jocelyn Olcott, History Department, Duke University  15.15-17.oo Keynote […]