Students Doc Festival

22 February 2023

In Fall 2021 undergraduate students at Duke in the class of “Women At Work” and “Women and the Political Process” had the option to produce a short documentary video, instead of writing the paper. Here is the graphic recording of a few documentaries presented

A Visual Approach is co-directed by Hope Tyson and Jaclyn Gilstrap and is based in Durham, North Carolina.

Hope Tyson (she/her) is a visual thinker born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. Her work in community engagement, capacity building and training, human-centered design and visual thinking has led her around the world from Peru to Zambia to Bangladesh. An activist focused on gender equity, Hope is committed to increasing access to freedom and power for all. She lives in North Carolina and works in Spanish and English.

Jaclyn Gilstrap (she/her) is a community connector, group facilitator, birth doula, and artist whose work is rooted in deep listening. Her background is in global reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, rape crisis support, ethical global engagement, and racial equity. She speaks Spanish, English and Azerbaijani. Jaclyn and her cat live in North Carolina with their beloved community and medium successful garden. 

Doc Film Festival & Panel Discussion

Chair: Lauren Henschel 

Amber Smith, Jiewei Li, Kate Silver, Amanda Kang, Eleanor Robb

Neil Prose & Rhonda Klevansky

Visual Recording: A Visual Approach 

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