Care Infrastructures in Unequal World

19 February 2023

Can we imagine alternative infrastructures? Graphic recording of a panel on care infrastructures in unequal world

Abhipsa Chakraborty (she/her) is visual artist and illustrator. She currently resides in Buffalo, NY, and is a PhD candidate in the English Department at SUNY Buffalo. She holds a BA, MA and MPhil from the Department of English, University of Delhi, and her research interests include Modernism, Sound Studies, Critical Theory and South Asian culture. She is a trained vocalist in Hindustani Classical Music and hopes to integrate her musical knowledge with her academic interests in aurality and narrative styles.

Care Infrastructures in Unequal Worlds 

Chair: Jocelyn Olcott 

Speakers: Emma PowerMiriam WilliamsKelly DombroskiS M WaliuzzamanSamantha Thompson

Visual Recording: Abhipsa Chakraborty

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