Queer Care

19 February 2023

Imagining care beyond heteronormative and nuclear household. What is trans care? Graphic recording of the panel on Queer Care during 2022 “Visualizing Care. Imaginaries & Infrastructures” conference

Wandy Cheng (she/her) is a multidisciplinary illustrator from Hong Kong whose work embodies contrasting textures and repeated patterns through various creative outputs, including ceramics, paper-cut and public art. Her work is inspired by lived experiences, architectures, and environments. In recent years, her illustration can be seen both on the streets of Toronto and within the pages of international publications. wandycheng.com/

Queer Care 

Chair: Riikka Prattes 

Speakers: Pedro NicoliNat RahaHil Malatino 

Visual Recording: Wandy Cheng 

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