Ecological care

“Taking care of our territories”: popular economies, community care and self-organization in Colombia

14 July 2024

The aim of this blog post is to present some preliminary reflections on the political productivity of community care and popular economies in the Colombian context. Introducing debates around popular economy, I will refer to three concrete experiences and formulate some questions and hypothesis on the possibility of political disputes for popular economy frameworks in the contemporary scenario.

Growing vegetables, making homes

15 January 2024

Homes are made in more ways than one. They are made as entanglements of agencies that are both material and discursive: a bed, somewhere to cook, maybe some family members, hopefully a place where you might feel comfortable. Indeed, the phrase ‘to be at home’ refers to a sense of ease, or belonging. Homes are […]


17 November 2023

Perhaps you’re curious to know—just hypothetically–how far the current value of global cryptocurrency could go toward increasing the supply of child care in the U.S.

Caregiving Skills for the Planet

20 September 2023

Reflections on why we need to consider social and ecological caregiving together.

Alternative Care Networks January 26, 2024, 12-2 pm ET

22 August 2023

Fifth Working Papers Seminar Series 2023-2024 Alternative Care Networks featuring Jieun Cho, Elizabeth Olson and Leiha Edmonds. Commentaries by Tatjana Thelen and Kim England

Care and the Great Transition

18 June 2015

Because I think there are fundamental similarities between care and ecological services, I look for opportunities for dialogue with environmental researchers and activists.

Care and the Commons

3 February 2008

Much of my work focuses on the social organization of care. I am especially interested in the parallels between care work and other economic resources that are not privately owned or priced on the market. For more on these parallels– including some videotaped lectures by six great speakers, check out the Forum on Social Wealth.