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Call for Abstracts - Critical Care

Critical Care invites explorations of the paradoxical and ambivalent aspects of care — of the ways that it implies both flourishing and repression, embrace and exclusion, and pricelessness and worthlessness. Further, care in one realm often implies carelessness in another. This special issue will examine these tensions within the field of care studies, considering how the provision of care can discipline normative values about appropriate modes, objects, and practices. Today, inequalities of care are normalized, and many care practices are unsustainable ecologically, socially, culturally, and economically (e.g., Benería 2008, Damamme, et al. 2017, Fraser 2016, R. Parreñas 2002; Razavi 2011). Solutions to the crisis of care have centered principally on state-, market-, and technology-centered approaches, but addressing this crisis demands a more thoroughgoing interrogation of human values, including developing shared understandings of the very concepts of care and its value.

Azimuth invites abstract proposals (no longer than 500 words) in English. Please send your abstract (including title of the prospected article) and short bio by 1 June 2023 to and

Complete drafts will be due 1 March 2024. Final drafts will be due 30 June 2024.

Authors whose abstracts/papers will be accepted, will be given a second deadline and further instructions for submitting full articles, according to the editorial rules of the journal (available at:

Final papers should not exceed 34.000 characters (spaces and footnotes included); admitted languages for final papers will be German, French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. All articles will undergo blind review process.

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Open Access Bibiliography 2023-2024

Revaluing Care in the Global Economy invites entries for our Open-Access Bibliography that seek ways to open up the question of valuing care. This bibliography has three principal objectives:

  1. To provide a resource for researchers, journalists, and policymakers who may want to
    learn more about the field of care studies and any of its subfields.
  2. To increase visibility of relevant research that may not be readily evident through most
    research databases, which tend to favor widely cited, English-language research.
  3.  To provide a vehicle for mapping the field of care studies and examining the ways
    concepts and keywords do or do not travel and translate among different contexts.

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Working Papers Seminars 2023-2024

In the 2023-2024 academic year, Revaluing Care in the Global Economy will host six virtual working-papers seminars to workshop an article- or chapter-length piece of writing in preparation for publication. This year’s theme will be “Communities of Care,” taking up questions such as: What does it mean to create a “community” of care?

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