Care Talk 2.0

Jocelyn Olcott and Nancy Folbre
18 August 2023

Welcome to Care Talk 2.0! In February 2008, economist Nancy Folbre launched the original Care Talk blog to reflect on research and policies regarding paid and unpaid carework. Written in a style that made material accessible to journalists, policymakers, and students as well as more seasoned researchers, the blog began with a focus on how to measure the economic contributions of unpaid care, the limitations of commercial models for care provision, and the problems that plague US systems of care provision.

Over the past fifteen years, Nancy’s blog posts have ranged widely to include reproductive justice and climate issues as well as the child tax credit and hazard pay for pandemic workers.  Sometimes illustrated with images Nancy drew herself, the posts directed readers to new and interesting research germane to the thorny problem of how to provide care in a socially just fashion:  providing care as universally as possible, attending to the needs of those both providing and receiving care, and recognizing the historical factors that have led to care provision falling disproportionately to poor women of color.

For this new chapter of Care Talk, Nancy is teaming up with Revaluing Care in the Global Economy, an international, interdisciplinary research network focused on metrics, governance, and social practices related to social, cultural, and ecological care.  We will keep the focus on research and policies oriented toward addressing the long-standing crisis of care, but we will broaden the geographic scope to encompass more research focused outside the United States and extend the disciplinary range beyond economics and the quantitative social sciences. We are eager to welcome guest bloggers who would like to share recent research or publications related to care studies.  We also plan to continue Nancy’s practice of including artwork by inviting bloggers to submit visual materials, including original artwork, to share on the blog.  If you have an idea for a post, please contact Nancy Folbre or Jocelyn Olcott.

The cover picture is designed by Nancy Folbre.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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    Tania Rispoli

    Thank you for re-viving again this wonderful project!

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