What is Care?

23 February 2008

My all-time favorite popularization of care issues is the comic book Adventures of Carrie Giver, but I think there’s a serious problem with this proposal as it now stands

Theories of Value

22 February 2008

What if all the parents in the U.S. got up one morning and went on strike, demanding more recognition and support for the work they do?

What’s the Economy For, Anyway?

5 February 2008

Sometimes its hard to see through that almighty dollar. We need to stop and ask what the economy is FOR, anyway. This question is the focal point of a campaign being organized by filmmakers John de Graaf and Laura Pacheco, an outgrowth of the Forum on Social Wealth, described in my last post.

Care and the Commons

3 February 2008

Much of my work focuses on the social organization of care. I am especially interested in the parallels between care work and other economic resources that are not privately owned or priced on the market. For more on these parallels– including some videotaped lectures by six great speakers, check out the Forum on Social Wealth.