Nancy Folbre

The Rape of the Yezidi

19 August 2015

Rape is often a conspicuous feature of the conduct and aftermath of violent collective conflict. But seldom, if ever, has it been explicitly organized and religiously justified on a scale comparable to the ISIS sexual enslavement of non-Muslim Yezidi women.

The Opt-Out Elite

30 July 2015

Hersch’s research does explain why trends at the very top are not representative even of the college-educated, much less the majority of the population of working mothers.

Options Other than Opting Out

30 July 2015

Joan Williams of the Hastings College of the Law at the University of California has some very specific advice for lawyers considering career “pause”

In Defense of Valuation

22 July 2015

I think that estimates of the market value of non-market work are a worthwhile exercise (as my last two posts suggest) as long as they are done carefully and presented as an approximate lower-bound. But conceptual resistance to valuation remains remarkably fierce–which is a big reason we don’t see more of it.

The Dollar Value of Grown-Up Care

16 July 2015

Work is no less valuable if it’s fun (I’m working for fun right now).

Heads Ups

10 July 2015

Child Care Policy Research Consortium (CCPRC) December 2 – 4, 2015.

Elect for Child Care

10 July 2015

What can policy researchers do to help shape the upcoming U.S. debate? I can think of a lot of interesting possibilities

Bargaining up to $15

3 July 2015

home care workers joined the national Fight for $15 about a year ago, forming a political coalition with other low-wage workers.

The Best Care Work Reporting of the Year

27 June 2015

The British newspaper famous for its courageous investigative journalism on many different fronts wins my prize for the best reporting of the year on paid care work.

All the Child Care Workers in the USA

18 June 2015

All the child care workers in the U.S. combined earn less than the top 25 hedge fund managers and traders. Wow. Even a jaded old care-work researcher like me finds this pretty startling.

Care and the Great Transition

18 June 2015

Because I think there are fundamental similarities between care and ecological services, I look for opportunities for dialogue with environmental researchers and activists.

When Family-Friendly Journalism Backfires

15 June 2015

Poorly–designed policies that may initially appear “family-friendly” can impede progress toward gender equality in two different ways—by making it costly for employers to hire or promote workers suspected of having costly family commitments (e.g. women of childbearing age) or by encouraging workers with such commitments to drop out of paid employment for so long that their prospects of advancement on the job are permanently damaged. In other words, increases in women’s job tenure and/or reductions in work-family stress may be purchased at the expense of women’s earnings and career advancement.