Care Talk

The Child Tax Credit, Singed if Not Combusted

Joe Manchin, Senator from West Virginia, oppose the child tax Credit on the grounds that mothers should be required to “work” in order to get assistance.

Gender, Bargaining, and Build Back Better

Some Notes from Panel on The Economics of Gender and Households, Southern Economic Association, November 22, 2021

Why JoeCare Has a Chance

Happy Inauguration Day. We now have a president who wears a mask. Everywhere. Which is something to be grateful for.

Republican Women, Intersected

A much larger percentage of women than men voted for Joe Biden: The race/gender intersection proved more salient: 93% of Black women voted for Biden, reflecting long-standing historical allegiances, Biden’s affiliation with Obama, and visceral dislike of Trump.

Manifold Exploitations

A more general theory of exploitation highlights the multiple dimensions of institutional power that make it possible for members of some overlapping groups to capture an unfair share of gains from cooperation, leaving others especially vulnerable.

Evolution and Intersectional Conflict

During the protests catalyzed by the murder of George Floyd the protestors took to the streets in May and June did so in the name of larger principles of political and economic justice and their persistent intensity created a tipping point that persuaded many bystanders of the need for systemic change.

Expendable Heroes?

On the economic impact of Covid-19 on care workers: most essential workers in the U.S. are still in suspense regarding the possibility of  compensation for their forced exposure to Covid-19 infection

The Covid-19 Care Penalty

The abrupt creation of a new category of workers based on social need, rather than market forces, dramatized an important question: why do we often see a disjuncture between the social value of work and its private, pecuniary reward?

Unpaid Work, Animated

About half of all the time devoted to work in the U.S. is devoted to unpaid work in the home.

Responsibility Time

If there was ever a time we urgently needed to know more about time use, that time has come. The Covid-19 pandemic utterly changed daily rhythms for many sequestered households and the “opening up” process closed down some old routines.

The Homemade Value-Added Stabilizer

During the Covid-19 pandemic, unpaid work served not only as a social safety net, but also as an automatic stabilizer.

Italian Feminists: In Defense of Caregivers

“The recent ‘Cura Italia’ (Care for Italy) decree, issued by the Italian Government, does not “take care” of domestic workers, home-based caregivers for the elderly and child minders.”